Our Story

Our Roots

The Sequoia Sandwich Company was started by Bakersfield native Gary Blackburn and Jeff Simpson, two friends who grew tired of their corporate jobs and decided to trade-in their white shirts and ties to pursue their own business venture doing something more rewarding and fun. Their concept was launch a high-quality “premium” deli, with hand-crafted fresh sandwiches in a larger, more upscale environment than the average sub-shop. After a year of planning and more than 6 months of renovation, the first store in Downtown Bakersfield opened in September 1999. With the support of family, friends, and the community, the store was an instant success. In 2002 the company opened its second store in the Northwest Promenade on Rosedale Highway, followed by a third store in 2005 located in the University Centre complex near CSUB. Now with a 4th stores in Clovis, Sequoia Sandwich happily serves more than 2,000 customers a day and employs almost 100 people. Come try us out; You’ll taste the quality.

Our Commitment

At Sequoia Sandwich Company, we are committed to using only premium quality ingredients and hand-crafting each sandwich. Our promise is to serve only the best food available. That means using premium deli meats and cheeses exclusively for our sandwiches. Our delicatessen products have been made the old-fashioned way, with no artificial colors, flavors or fillers. From our homemade cookies made with real butter, and our classic New York style Cheesecake and all natural Carrot Cake, to our side salads and soups, which are made fresh daily, each item on our menu has been selected with care and made with your satisfaction in mind. Our delis are run for the enjoyment and pleasure of our customers, so if you have a special request, just ask! We will do everything we can to satisfy you. At Sequoia Sandwich, we stand behind everything we do – if something isn’t right, let us know and we’ll make it right.